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With headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri, StrathKirn® Inc provides customized consulting in the management of science, new technologies, product development, market planning, due diligence, and business strategies.
Key industries include agriculture, biotechnology, food/feed, bioenergy and biofuels.

 StrathKirn® Professional Business and Consulting Services

StrathField News Resources:


        (Henderson Communications)
Agricultural Market News

 (Algae Biomass Organization)
BIO Food and Agric
(Biotech Industry Organization)
Biotech Industry
(Yahoo Finance)
        (Biofuels Journal)

CropLife International
        (Global network in Plant Sciences)

      (from Amer Assoc Adv of Science)
Feed, Milling, Seed Industries
GMO Compass
        (Amer Assoc Advan of Science)
        (Intnl Agri-Biotech)
NCBI (GenBank)
       (Nat Center for Biotech Info)

Trade: Commodities & Markets
        (Chicago Board of Trade) 
Trade, Technology, Issues
        (Global Farmer Network)

StrathKirn® Professional Business and Consulting Services

StrathKirn can help bring new tools, expert analyses, independent thinking, and fresh approaches to improve your product and business development, whether improving an existing portfolio or generating advanced bioscience strategies, and all with a view to positive impact on the triple bottom line.
More information about StrathKirn Services.

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