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StrathKirn provides consulting services in the management of science, technology, product development, market planning, and business strategies.
Focus areas include technology, primary production, biotechnology applications, genomics, crop traits, renewable resources, sustainable development, biofuels,
and developing new global markets for emerging technologies.

StrathKirn Background

ball We are an established company offering business consulting services, including R&D management, market strategies, competitive intelligence, technology transfer, due diligence, the application of new technologies, and new business planning.
ball We also provide consulting in strategies and implementation approaches for quality processes, data and information management, and project management implementation.
ball Areas of expertise and professional focus cover several industries and include:
the discovery and development of new technologies, especially in plant science and related industries
  commercial development strategies for potential commercial candidates, with focus on agriculture and related industries
the application of genomics to enhance primary production, and/or compositional quality
the use of biotechnology for improved crops and value generation in the feed/food processing chain
  the creation of sustainable bio-based raw materials, biofuels, and novel renewable products, from various feedstocks including algae
  developing value models, financial criteria, and business planning for emerging markets 
ball Our customers are typically Senior Managers/Directors in multinationals, Executives in nationally recognized firms, or leaders of Government initiatives. Many are business professionals that are concerned with bringing new technology to the marketplace. Others are experts in business processes, or are involved in the management of commercial development projects.

ball Our core strength is in the technical-marketing interface, especially for new technology and product management. However, through our U.S. and International Associates we can also bring insights to projects from pure research to pure marketing.

StrathKirn Inc., President, J. S. McLaren Ph.D., has first hand international experience of both R&D management and commercial product introduction, including business development processes, across a range of new technologies. The company has a significant and respected base of global professional expertise to draw upon for customized projects. More information  


icon   Core Services

StrathKirn provides an opportunity for high quality outsourcing of business service needs. We work with each client to customize the project so that the agreed-upon success is achieved. We can work on small and large problems, technical and marketing projects, and alone or integrated with your large teams - we let the customer decide what's best to fit their needs, resources and desired results.

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StrathKirn can help bring new tools, expert analyses, independent thinking, and fresh approaches to improve your product and business development, whether improving an existing portfolio or generating advanced bioscience strategies, and all with a view to positive impact on the triple bottom line.

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